What you'll get in 10x20 container(check prices below)

  1. 1 door
  2. 2 windows, aluminium with iron grill
  3. 1 bulk head light above door
  4. 2 fans
  5. Ply flooring with vinyl carpet
  6. Internal wiring
  7. 1 MCB
  8. 1 charging socket point
  9. 2 tubelights
  10. 4 concealed lights
  11. 1 main board with 1 socket
  12. 6 inch footing
  13. PVC false ceiling
  14.  Thermocol Insulation 30mm
  15.  Sunmica ply side wall
  16. Iron framing and outer corrugated and well painted iron sheet of 18Guage

Price: 220000 + GST18%
Total Price: 2,59,000

Online Website Discount: 5%

Call to get discount: 8829979566 , 9672729450

Usage / Application
Construction Site Office, Mines Office, Weigh Bridge Office
MS Sheet Exterior and Sunmica plyboard Interior
Build Type
Quality Automotive paints of various colors White, Blue, Magenta and 20+ Colors Available
Tubelight, Fans, Internal Wiring, Concealed Light ISI Approved Quality Component used
Plywood / Cement Fiber Flooring with vinyl carpet pasted on it.
Base Frame
Made of 100mm x 50mm pipe and channels
Length and Breadth
20 feet X 10 feet
Outer Height 9ft 6inch, Inner Height 8ft

Iron Frame container office with internal furniture

Features Of 10x20 Container Office

10x20 container office exterior photo portable builders

Exterior View

Corrugated Sheet coated with 2 coat exterior paint. It contains 6 legs, one iron door 7ft x 3ft and 4 hooks.

10x20 container office interior photo portable builders

Interior View

- Complete Interior with Sunmica plyboard on side walls
- PVC false ceiling
- Vinyl carpet on ply as a floor
- Aluminium 2-Track Windows

10x20 container office washroom photo portable builders

Add-on Washroom

- Basin
- Tiles on floor
- Exhaust Fan
- Geyser Line
- Mixer and Shower

10x20 container office kitchen or pantry photo portable builders

Add-on Pantry

- Kitchen Slab
- Sink
- one tap
- Power point
- Drawers below the slab

Addon Pantry and Washroom

Complete pantry and washroom Setup as Add-on

10x20 container office partition photo portable builders

Addon Partition

Sunmica ply on the both sides of partition.

10x20 Container Office More Info

  1. Manufacturing Time: 15days Approx
  2. Contact Info: 9672729450, 8829979566
  3. Transportation & Unloading Charges: To be paid by customer

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