Best Bus Body manufacturer

  1. Bus body design as per your design and you can choose from our catalogue
  2. AC and Non Ac variant available
  3. Though we work in all type of bus body lengths but, 12mtr and 13.5 meter model are top chassis model for bus body
  4. Though we work on all type of chassis bodies. Ashok leyland, Tata and Echier chassis bodies are recommended.
  5. Quality Metallic paint is being used as exterior paint
  6. GI pipes are being used as the structural foundation
  7. Quality material is being used in making the bus body. And as per material we  charge
  8. charges varies as per model customization and material uses
  9. Bus chassis has to be provided by the consumer
  10. It takes 90 days time to complete 1-10 buses
  11. We uses heavy pipes and channels to make boot space and try to increase the boot space to get the benefits of the logistics.
  12. We use quality lights almost alot of the them for greater ambiance look and feel

Price: 14-18 Lakhs (As per material, chassis and customization)
GST 18% Extra

AC Cost + Fitting Extra

Online Website Discount: 5%

Call to get discount: 8829979566 , 9672729450

AC NON AC Sleeper Coach More Info

  1. Manufacturing Time: 90days Approx
  2. Contact Info: 9672729450, 8829979566
  3. Transportation & Unloading Charges: To be paid by customer

Once there was a group of friends who were planning a long road trip to Rajasthan. They wanted the best of what the country had to offer, from the ancient city of Jaipur to the Thar Desert. But they also wanted to do it in comfort and style.

Decided to hire a 2×1 sleeper passenger bus from Portable Builders Bus Coach Maker. The company had a long history of producing luxury trailers and was known for its high quality workmanship.

Friends met with the company’s designers to discuss their needs. They wanted a comfortable, safe and comfortable bus. They also wanted buses tailored to their specific needs.

The designers thought about their needs and created the perfect one for friends. The bus had all the desired amenities, including WiFi, entertainment system and reclining seats. It also had two bunk beds, so friends could sleep comfortably on long trips.

The friends loved their new bus. They took it on the road around Rajasthan and had the time of their lives. They could see everything they could see, and they did it in comfort and style.

The Friends experience is just one example of the many ways luxury car manufacturers can make your travel dreams come true. If you are planning on a long road trip, make sure you contact one of the best trailer manufacturers in the area. They can help you design a custom bus that will make your trip unforgettable.